Posted 1 year ago

Doctors Notes and Excuses

There is a new thing out these days on the Internet and it’s taking the world by storm. It is called a fake doctors note. These things are very slick yet can be quite dangerous. However, if you know how to use them right, they can be a tool that could lead you to lucrative freedom and opportunity. One site we like is Here you can find great doctor’s notes!

First of all, never ever use a free doctors note that you find online. You’ll find several samples online that show free doctors notes. It will show a layout, medical terminology, a doctors name, and signature at the bottom. Do not use these, I cannot warn you enough. Your best bet is to buy a real fake doctors note from a reputable legitimate site. I also have to warn you not craft your own. If you decide to craft your own make sure that you buy some notes online first, and then model your notes after that. If you do it this way, you’ll then have a note that is so unique that nobody else will know about your sneaky little tricks.

So once you know what you’re doing, a fake doctors note can be a remarkable tool. Getting busted with the note can definitely be possible to make sure that when you send in the note, that looks very legitimate. Make sure that you have a sickness that since believable and is not too complicated. Consider using a sickness it is very private so very few questions be asked you. Also make sure that you don’t have restrictions that say your specific illness on the note, as this would not be on any note anyway due to HIPAA laws.